Thursday, September 9, 2010

One Heart, One Mind

A 1996 Paring Bol-anon Musical Album

PB Composers:

TQ Solis

Jr. Elpidio Biliran, Jr.

Arnold Zamora

J. Roel Lungay


Ray Barnette

Steve Thomas


Gerry Peters (Midi Magic)

Steve Thomas (Lakeside Productions)

Mastered by Roy Tutor

Executively Produced by J. Roel Lungay
For Paring Bol-anon Music Int'l

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

9th of September

A 1980 composition...

"9th Of September"

Words and music by J. Roel Lungay

Performed by Ray Barnette

Piano by Gerry Peters

Guitars by Andy Reiss

Steel Guitar by Doyle Grisham

Mastered by Roy Tutor

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Road To Nowhere - July 15, 2010 Rehearsal

Big Bang Rehearsal
Jecjec Mascariñas Residence
Tagbilaran City

"Road To Nowhere" by Romeo Mascariñas

Written by J. Roel Lungay and Romeo Mascariñas

The Musicians:

Jun Kaamiño III of Versatile Band

Dary Taladua of Versatile Band

Tope Lugo of CD Series Band

Mark Apat of System Tools Band

Romeo Mascariñas of Centerstage Band

Video by Zaida Galleza

Caingget Sunset - July 15, 2010 Rehearsal

"Caingget Sunset" written by J. Roel Lungay and Romeo Mascariñas

The Musicians:

Romeo Mascariñas of Centerstage Band (Vox & Keys)

J Roel Lungay (Backup Vocals)

Jun Kaamiño III of Versatile Band (Lead Guitar)

Dary Taladua of Versatile Band (Acoustic Guitar)

Christopher Lugo of CD Series & System Tools Bands (Bass)

Mark Apat of H20 & System Tools Bands (Drums)

Video by Zaida Galleza

1st Kainget Kayak Challenge

Caingget Beach
Tagbilaran City
Bohol, Philippines

July 24-25, 2010

Postponed Indefinitely!!!

"Caingget Sunset" by Romeo Mascariñas

Written by J. Roel Lungay and Romeo Mascariñas

Video edited by Fro

Puppies Night With Jojo Jamisola (Part 1)

(July 16, 2010) - Puppies, Jojo Jamisola, of Mabini and Los Angeles, serenading friends with a song "The Last Day Of My Life"

Harvey "Professor" Halasan
Brydon "Dr. Brydz" Lungay
Rey "Dr. Retti" Tirol
Junior Acid "Good Morning Vietnam" Acedo
Lokoy "Mr Blues" Lungay
J Roel Lungay
Miguel "ToYeM" Bartolata, Jr.
Alan "Bruce Willis" Angcla


Puppies Night At The Martin's

Brydon "Dr Brydz" Lungay, Rey "Dr Retti" Tirol, Nikki Michelle, Zaida Galleza and Fro enjoying the company of one another and quite a few exotic drinks at the Martin's Music Resto Bar in Tagbilaran City...

Monday, September 6, 2010

Dr. Brydz: The Man Behind The Dream

Kainget Kayaks
Builders, Designers & Rental
Caingget Beach, Tagbilaran City
July 15, 2010


Rey "Dr Retti" Tirol & Brydon "Dr Brydz" Lungay

"There Is More" by Jimmy Cempron (EU)

Words and music written by Brydon Borja Lungay

Mastered on iZotope OzoneMP by J. Roel Lungay

Sailing In Caingget

July 18, 2010

Captain - Rey "Dr Retti" Tirol


Nikki Michelle
Honor Tirol & Kids

"Sailboat" by Steve Thomas

Words and music by J. Roel Lungay

Piano by Catherine Styron-Marx

Mastered by Roy Tutor

Caingget Sunset (Exclusive Footages)

Exclusive and real video footages of Caingget Resort taken last July 2010

"Caingget Sunset" theme written by J. Roel Lungay and Romeo Mascariñas

Performed by Romeo Mascariñas

Mastered by Roy Tutor

Kainget Kayak Proprietors & Friends:

Rey "Dr. Retti" Tirol
Brydon "Dr. Brydz" Lungay
Nikki Michelle Tirol
Hannah Vittoria Tirol
Zaida Galleza Nalugon


Project Cabawan Update 2007 (Part 3)

July to September 2007 Updates on Fence

Architect: Arthur Lungay Angcla

"Baby, Please Don't Go" by Al Kooper

Project Cabawan Update 2007 (Part 2)

April to June 2007 Fence Updates

Architect: Arthur Lungay Angcla

Project Cabawan Update 2007 (Part 1)

(March to June of 2007)


Following only a simple philosophy: "Shoot for the moon, aim high!"

"Shoot for the Moon," by Linda Davis

Project Cabawan Update 2006 (Part 3)

October-November 2006 photo updates courtesy of Zaida Galleza Nalugon and Romeo "Meo" Bartolata, Jr.

"Crazy Love" by Poco

"I Built A House For Frank Lloyd Wright" by Suzy Callahan

Project Cabawan Update 2006 (Part 2)

Project Update from March to August of 2006

"Calm Vision" by Harvey S

Project Cabawan Update 2006 (Part 1)

1st 2006 Update on Project Cabawan from February to March

"Life's Highway" by Steve Wariner

AMC Goes Hongkong 1999

The Lungay Brothers - Fro, Kokoy and Michael's trip to Hongkong in 1999

Project Cabawan - Before & Now

Review on Project Cabawan from 2005 to 2008 with comparative updates on the slow progress

The Making of Project Cabawan (Part 5)

5th of a series...
(October 2005) This was the 1st time Project Cabawan received a facelift, in paint colors - using flat primers - for visual imagery purposes only. Two years later - August 2007 - the prefered colors (Purple, Green and Gold) were applied, in celebration of N'awlins and its tradition, the Mardi Gras.

(see "The Making of Project Cabawan, Part 1)"

Project Engineer: Paul Balbino Laguitao

Music by Brooks and Dunn, "Neon Moon" and Paul McCartney, "Let 'em In"

The Making of Project Cabawan (Part 4)

4th of a series... photos of on-going construction from August - September 2005

The Making of Project Cabawan (Part 3)

3rd of a series... a day in the life of our family - last time mom was with us in a celebratory setting - as the family decided to get together for a picnic at the Project site day after Pa and Ma's 1st grand got married... missing mom so terribly with this video. It's for you, mom!

"Rise On!" by Anna Coogan & North 19

The Making of Project Cabawan (Part 2)

2nd of a series... site prep, fence construction, other prep works, start of construction and emergence... of Project Cabawan

"Isle of Love" by Anthony Castelo

The Making of Project Cabawan (Part 1)

1st of a series. "It all began in 2004... the thought of building one."

Here are images and actual building photographs that partly made up the inspiration that stirred the imagination inciting the conception, design, construction - and reshaping (re-sketching?) - of Project Cabawan, and a few actual photos of the on-going project.


Computer graphics and designs: Robert Jezil, Arthur Angcla & Fro

Stills: J. Roel Lungay and Miguel "ToYeM" Bartolata

Builders: Paul Laguitao and Arthur Angcla - and all the hiredhands involved in the whole process of the building.

Goodbye Renegade - Revisiting Hurricane Katrina

A funny way to say goodbye to my poor little car - and all other stuff - that I lost during Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans on August 29, 2005. Hurricane Katrina to date is the biggest natural Disaster to ever hit the United States.

Hello Austria 1992

My second trip to Europe - with Fr. Joel Cantones - visiting France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxembourg, Monaco, Italy and Austria.

"Dance To The Rhythm," by Anthony Castelo


Hongkong Visit 1999

A four-day tour in Hongkong in 1999 with my brothers, Kokoy and Michael Lungay

AMC Theme (Part 2)

Video slide of Ayong Mameng Clan presented at the Aloy-Ano Clan Grand Reunion on December 29, 2007

AMC Theme (Part 1)

One of my earliest uploads on YouTube... family, of course!

What Am I About?

Not much really... but 'tis a simple video blog of my favorite takes that I have uploaded on YouTube, and/or, somewhere else. Not just to generate viewers, especially from families and friends, but to remind me of the places I've been to in the last ditigal years or so (LoL). Having short memory as I do now I hope it will kindle a sort-of-anti-memory-lapse dynamism and ignite in me an "i'm-looking-forward-to" attitude that has started to diminish - hate to admit it - as years start "really" acculating in some big numbers (LoL). I just turned 50 in March by the way. And not to forget the fact that medical situations are really hard to defy, much less avoid when they come knocking at your door.

So with a "little-help-from-my-friends" visual aid should do the trick. At least, for now. (Fro)

Right off the bat... all the videos posted on this blog are but mine alone (".)