Friday, November 5, 2010

Echoes Of SASMA

A high sailing ship that once took us out to see for some 4 years... all filled with happy days, studies, friendship and lifelong memories. It was a journey reminiscent of the old days when faith was brought to this land by strange-looking, long-bearded lot from then la-la-land of Spanish dynasty, yet, a bunch who were determined to instill in the new found land of "indios" the old religion they thought and embraced as good and worth spreading. True to their calling, that they did... and in some fast-forwarded manner, it got to our skin, too, centuries later down the road. Wew! Fr. John McSherry, Fr. Mike Murphy and quite a few German Shepherds (not the canine kind) were "part and parcel" (a phrase Fr. Tony M love to use... all the time!!!) of the molding breed God used to put together a seedbed of future farmers for God's vineyard that includes our batch.